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Unique change indicator
No border coverage – dressing can remain in place with strikethrough masked
50% border coverage – 75% border coverage – consider changing change dressing dressing
ALLEVYN LIFE exceeds expectations...
With a unique five-layer construction designed to absorb fluids and redistribute pressure, ALLEVYN LIFE foam dressings
are an ideal tool for pressure ulcer prevention protocols and wound management.
In a recent study,
of clinicians would recommend ALLEVYN LIFE for use in their practice1
For detailed product information, including indications for use, contraindications, effects, precautions and warnings, please consult the product’s Instructions for Use (IFU) prior to use.
Smith & Nephew, Inc. Fort Worth, TX
1. Simon D, Bielby A, A structured collaborative approach to appraise the clinical
performance of a new product Wounds UK. Vol 10. No 3. 2014.
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