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AQUACEL® EXTRATM Hydro ber® Wound Dressing
DuoDERM® CGF® Sterile Dressings
Hydrocolloid, moisture-retentive wound dressing used for partial- and full-thickness wounds with exudate. Recommended for use on dermal ulcers, Stages II – IV pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, super cial wounds and donor sites.
Composed of two layers of Hydro ber® Technology stitched together. Has the same gelling bene ts of the original AQUACEL® dressing, but is nine times stronger1 and 39% more absorbent1. Cleared for the same indications as original AQUACEL® dressing, AQUACEL® EXTRATM wound dressing is speci cally suitable when managing moderately to highly exuding wounds.
1Assessment of the Physical Properties of AQUACEL® EXTRA & AQUACEL Dressings. Scienti c Background Report WHRI3461 TA214. 2011 Data on File, ConvaTec.
4˝ x 4˝ 4˝ x 4˝ 6˝ x 6˝ 6˝ x 6˝ 6˝ x 8˝ 8˝ x 8˝ 8˝ x 12˝
DuoDERM® Signal® Dressings
187660 187658 187661 187659 187643 187662 187644
A6234 A6234 A6235 A6235 A6235 A6236 A6236
5/bx 20/bx 5/bx 20/bx 5/bx 5/bx 5/bx
2˝ x 2˝ 4˝ x 5˝ 6˝ x 6˝
AQUACEL® Ag EXTRATM Hydro ber® Antimicrobial Dressing
420671 420674 420673
A6196 A6197 A6197
10/bx 10/bx 5/bx
Provides immediate and sustained antimicrobial activity to kill pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, VRE, and other wound pathogens in the dressing. Offers the unique gelling properties of Hydro ber® technology to create a large  uid-absorption capacity. Locks bacteria within the gelled  bers away from the wound bed. Indicated for use on acute and chronic wounds, including burns, surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and leg ulcers.
Combine the convenience of a visual indicator to signal the proper time to change the dressing, along with the added feature of tapered edges to reduce rolling and bunching up. Both features offer the bene t of initial wound monitoring, potentially reducing premature dressing removals. Fewer dressing removals can produce increased
cost-effectiveness, as well as reduced pain for the patient and reduced disruption to the wound bed. Provide exudate absorption and an optimal moist wound environment that is supportive of the healing process. Provide a viral and bacterial barrier while intact and without leakage. Can be used as a primary or secondary dressing.
2˝ x 2˝ 4˝ x 5˝ 6˝ x 6˝ 8˝ x 12˝
AQUACEL® Ag Ribbon
420675 420677 420678 420679
A6196 A6197 A6197 A6198
10/bx 10/bx 5/bx 5/bx
4˝ x 4˝
5.5˝ x 5.5˝
6˝ x 7˝, triangle 7.5˝ x 7.8˝, heel 8˝ x 8˝
8˝ x 9˝, triangle 8˝ x 9˝, sacral
DuoDERM® Extra Thin Dressings
403326 403327 403332 410500 403328 403333 410501
A6237 A6238 A6238 A6235 A6238 A6238 A6236
5/bx 5/bx 5/bx 5/bx 5/bx 5/bx 5/bx
Silver-impregnated antimicrobial dressing with bene ts in addition to those of AQUACEL® dressings. The Hydro ber® properties conform over the wound surface, creating a contact that allows for optimal exposure to bactericidal silver ions. Ionic silver starts killing a broad spectrum of pathogens within 30 minutes of exposure to the dressing as demonstrated by in vitro testing, including MRSA and VRE.
Thin,  exible, conformable and moisture-resistant wound dressing that protects susceptible areas anywhere on the body. Translucent backing is designed to prevent needless dressing changes that can cause discomfort and disturb healing. Maintain a moist wound healing environment and are recommended for use on skin tears, dry to lightly exuding dermal ulcers, super cial wounds and post-op wounds.
0.39˝ x 18˝ ribbon with strengthening  ber 0.75˝ x 18˝ ribbon with strengthening  ber
420128 403771
A6199 A6199
5/bx 5/bx
AQUACEL® Ag SURGICAL Cover Dressings
Easy-to-use, single-product solution to the post-operative management of surgical incisions. Designed to enhance clinical outcomes and facilitate mobility. Dressings combine skin-friendly hydrocolloid technology for comfort during body movement and proprietary Hydro ber® Technology with ionic silver to help manage drainage. The cover layer of polyurethane  lm provides a viral, waterproof and bacterial barrier (when intact and with no leakage) to allow the user to shower.
1.75˝ x 1.5˝, spots 2˝ x 4˝
2˝ x 8˝
3˝ x 3˝
4˝ x 4˝
4˝ x 6˝, oval
6˝ x 6˝
6˝ x 7˝, triangular
DuoDERM® CGF® Border Dressings
187932 187900 187961 187901 187955 187902 187957 187903
A6234 A6234 A6234 A6234 A6234 A6235 A6235 A6235
20/bx 20/bx 10/bx 20/bx 10/bx 10/bx 10/bx 10/bx
3.5˝ x 4˝, for incision size up to 1.5˝ 3.5˝ x 6˝, for incision size up to 3.5˝ 3.5˝ x 10˝, for incision size up to 6.5˝ 3.5˝ x 14˝, for incision size up to 10.5˝ 3.5˝ x 12˝, for incision size up to 9˝
Aquacel® Ag Surgical SP
412009 412010 412011 412012 420670
A6196 A6197 A6197 A6198 A6197
10/bx 10/bx 10/bx 10/bx 10/bx
For hard-to-dress areas. Feature a wide outer foam border that does not require additional taping. Recommended for use on dermal ulcers, including full thickness wounds, leg ulcers, donor sites and partial-thickness burns.
Slim pro le sterile post‐operative dressing comprising an inner (wound contact) non‐woven pad composed of Hydro berTM technology and ionic silver that is stitch bonded with nylon and elastane yarns. The pad is held in place between a top layer of hydrocolloid adhesive that is bound to an outer polyurethane
 lm and a windowed skin contact layer consisting of polyurethane  lm sandwiched between one layer of acrylic and one layer of hydrocolloid contacting the skin.
2.5˝ x 2.5˝, 0.75˝ border 4˝ x 4˝, 0.75˝ border
6˝ x 6˝, 1˝ border TRIANGLES
4˝ x 5˝, 1˝ border 6˝ x 7˝, 1˝ border
DuoDERM® Hydroactive® Paste
187970 187971 187972
187973 187974
A6237 A6237 A6238
A6237 A6238
5/bx 5/bx 5/bx
5/bx 5/bx
3.5˝ x 4˝ (9 x 10cm), incisions up to 1.5˝ 3.5˝ x 6˝ (9 x 15 cm), incisions up to 3.5˝ 3.5˝ x 10˝ (9 x 25 cm), incisions up to 6.5˝ 3.5˝ x 12˝ (9 x 30cm), incisions up to 8.5˝ 3.5˝ x 14˝ (9 x 35cm), incisions up to 10.5˝
413557 413556 413555 413554 413553
N/A 10/bx N/A 10/bx N/A 10/bx N/A 10/bx N/A 10/bx
Hydrocolloid paste for the management of lightly exuding dermal ulcers. Use DuoDERM® Signal® as the cover dressing for best results. ITEM # HCPCS SOLD BY 30-g tube 187930 A6240 ea

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