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“Not worrying about leakage makes life so much easier”
Henry, 65, Ileostomy since 2008
Henry is a Brava® user who has received compensation from Coloplast to provide this information
Brava® Protective Seal
Moldable, extended wear design protects against leakage and provides skin protection
Do your patients or customers have any of these issues? Brava® Protective Seal can help!
Creases and deep folds Irregular stoma shape Moist stoma area Barrier adhesive break down
Brava® Protective Seal is designed to protect peristomal skin
Brava® Protective Seal helps to maintain healthy skin by absorbing moisture from the skin surface, while maintaining its shape, adhesion to the skin, and secure seal around the stoma.
Provides a seal over creases
Brava® Protective Seal is easy to mold, so it  ts snug around the stoma and can be applied over skin with dips, creases and folds.
Stays in place
Brava® Protective Seal stays where you put it. When it is time for removal, it will pull cleanly and easily away from the skin.
Brava® Protective Seal comes in three different sizes and two different thicknesses to offer a custom moldable, extended wear solution!
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