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Designed to help Patients have less leaks
and healthier skin. Cohesive®
Eakin Cohesive® Seals can help solve the most common problems facing ostomates, leakage and skin irritation! The Cohesive® Seal is soft and moldable and fits snugly around the base of a stoma to provide a leak proof seal and help prevent effluent from coming in contact with the skin.
Everyday Use
Cohesive SLIMS®
For those who change their pouch frequently
For use with pre-cut pouches to create an exact fit
Designed for use with convex pouches
Extra Protection
Small Cohesive® Seal
For those with high fluid content
To help resolve leakage problems
Can provide ‘soft’ convexity 839002
Greater Coverage
Large Cohesive® Seal Designed for urostomates
To cover a large area of peristomal skin
For use with deep convexity 839001
Time Savings
Cohesive StomaWrapTM Designed for large or oval
shaped stomas For those with limited
For a quick pouching
Experience one of our Eakin® accessories
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