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Take the pressure off of pouch application.
Cut-to-Fit Accordion Flange
“UP” position
“DOWN” position With accordion technology, now in cut-to-fit and ConvaTec moldable technology.
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References 1. Clinical Evaluation of Sur Fit Natura Cut to fit Skin Wafers Gillian Seaton. Data on file. AP-016229-US-N
The NaturaTM Cut-to-Fit Accordion Flange
lifts easily to provide generous finger room so coupling is easy and comfortable. Designed for tender abdomens or for anyone who wants everyday comfort.
Product highlights:
• 2X more finger space than any other lifting flange.1
• Comfortable and discreet.
• Simple to measure and cut.
• Compatible with a range of NaturaTM             pouch options.
Try the Accordion Flange today!
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